Out now: Virgin of the Birds - Secret Kids

Virgin of the Birds new album Secret Kids is out now, and can be purchased from our webshop here. There are two singles, Spooky, Stony, Barely Over Thirty which you can hear above, and Victor Bockris which is embedded below. The two songs showcase the sort of breadth of Jon Rooney’s songwriting gifts, and his […]

The Happiness Hotel,LeithUK

An afternoon, all-ages, BYOB opportunity to relax after the excesses of Our Ladies of Sorrow at Summerhall on Friday the 28th, and Bart’s creepy, spooky, witchy Halloween film selection on Saturday the 29th. On Sunday the 30th October we will have two awesomely shambolic, lo-fi pop bands coming up from down South – Feel Right […]

The Happiness Hotel,LeithUK

Eef Barzelay Toad Session from Song, by Toad on Vimeo. Our pal Eef Barzelay is coming back to Edinburgh in November, and kindly offered to play a gig in our new warehouse space The Happiness Hotel. I am really excited to see him play again, and we’ll be sorting out a suitably excellent support in […]


35 Rocky Votolato

Technically speaking, recording is banned from our living room, but erm, Mrs. Toad was away and Rocky was by himself so why the fuck not, eh? This was an odd mismatch. Originally the session was prepared for Chantal Acda, who was headlining the tour. Then it turned out she couldn’t make it due to illness, […]

323 The Arctic Circle

Mrs. Toad and I, as you possibly know, went on something of an epic road trip at the end of July this year. We took the ferry to Amsterdam and drove up through Germany to Denmark, through Sweden via the Volvo Museum, and into Norway, where we went all the way up the West Coast […]