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Hello all.  I am a bit busy for a proper post today – off to see The Aliens, don’t you know – so I thought I’d rattle up some trivial site news quickly.

Firstly, I am only now getting back up to the level of readership I enjoyed at my old Blogspot address, which has taken just over a month since I moved over to WordPress.  Onwards and upwards, what.  I still haven’t managed quite the same number of Technorati links yet, but I’m getting there.  I’m a little bit surprised how long it’s taken for people to realise I’m here actually, but there you go.  So thanks, in particular to the folk who were so loyal as to make the switch with me immediately and give the new home a good housewarming.

Secondly, plenty of comments recently, and not a single ‘Yeah, dude’ amongst them, so thanks for the interaction.  Given I basically write this blog to hold the conversations with you lot that I can’t have with pretty much all of my mates, it’s splendid that you all chip in, so thanks very much.

Thirdly, and a little off topic, the number of spam comments that the Akismet software has stopped since I moved to WordPress overtook the number of actual comments some time on the weekend, and has since rocketed off into the distance.  On the plus side, hooray for Akismet which has snagged all but two of these comments, and those two it referred to me for moderation.  On the negative side, what the fuck are these idiots trying to achieve?  Do they really think you lot come here for some obscure indie tunes, a bit of viagra and a penis extension?  Is it really worth the effort of generating all this shit?  Do people actually respond with ‘Yes actually, I was considering a penis extension now that you mention it, and instead of a real doctor I thought those retards off the internet who can’t spell anything properly would be the very chaps’? Honestly.

So thanks all, and prepare yourself for even more pompous, ill-thought out proselytising in future.  And in honour of all your contributions we have some Gene:

Gene – Speak to me Someone

And because I went to their gig the other night but couldn’t be arsed writing it up, we have The Wombats:

The Wombats – Patricia the Stripper
The Wombats –  Little Miss Pipe Dream

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