Filth! The Doug Anthony All Stars

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Apparently the reason is excessive use of the words fuck and fucking. And suicide. It apparently doesn’t have a cunt-o-meter for my Paris Hilton post, and the word whore didn’t even get a look in. I am disappointed and feel I must do better – I mean, there must be a worse rating than that to be achieved and it’s important to have goals in life.

So, in order to up my ratings on the Super Automated Thinkofthechildren Filth-O-Matic I present The Doug Anthony All Stars (wiki). They are a long-since deceased and sorely missed musical comedy of bile filth and hatred group from Australia and they are one of the brightest stars in the Toad firmament. I think it’s pretty much a litmus test for being just my sort of truly wrong person. If you don’t love this stuff, you really aren’t quite nasty, dirty or offensive enough for me and, instead of being true soul-mates, maybe we’re just like in-laws: we get on because we have to and we may like each other quite a lot but we will never really be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Which is my tactful way of saying watch out, these lads truly are a bit off the deep end and very much an acquired taste, so don’t be at all surprised if you hate this. That said, if you’re secretly a bit of a deviant, prepare for a treat.

Doug Anthony All Stars – I Fuck Dogs (Yes, you read that right)
Doug Anthony All Stars – Gilbert & Sullivan II
Doug Anthony All Stars – State Forest Dilemma
Doug Anthony All Stars – If You’re Happy/Waco

“Oprah Winfrey, you are the Gross National Product.”

Oh stop bloody whingeing. It’s Friday for fuck’s sake.