Adam Balbo – 6 Outta 9 w/ Beats

Adam Balbo

I am posting this, less as a review because I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but more as a little chunk of excitement because I am really looking forward to it. I’d never heard of Adam before, but he sent me a song as a music submission which I really liked, so I asked for a couple more and loved them too, so I bought the album. The CD itself is still en route, but I thought I’d pass this on.

Imagine if Adam Green was less of a self-absorbed, irritating smart-arse. Ah, what a relief, I hear you say. Well that is pretty much Adam Balbo’s territory. He describes himself as ‘roughly-hewn folk numbers and casio beat anthems’ which is pretty accurate. The casio backing brings a slightly naive, toy-town atmosphere to the music, and the simply strummed acoustic guitar gives the whole enterprise a lo-fi, DIY sound which is deceptively unsophisticated.

Ultimately for me, the big difference is the cleverness of the lyrics. Nice turns of phrase and unusual thoughts pack each song and the wit is never anything like as overbearing or cloyingly deliberate as a certain Mr. Green. In fact, it is the casual amusement and sharpness that makes this record as engaging and rewarding as it is. Go Toadlings: go and purchase!

Adam Balbo – Samba Blues
Adam Balbo – Let’s Make a Porno

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