Mancino – Manners Matter


What would have happened if Modest Mouse, The Arcade Fire and all their grand, experimental ilk had gone pop instead of indie? Well Mancino wouldn’t be far off it. They seem to take similar kinds of eccentricities and apply them to the sort of upbeat power pop (I really don’t like this term, but it seems to fit here) that can go so far as to even remind me of the likes of Ben Folds at times. They could even be what Architecture in Helsinki might have turned into if they hadn’t become quite so tense and shouty.

Basically, if you have the Arcade Fire/Architecture in Helsinki lot holding up one side of a bridge, and then the circus barker lunacy of Ice Cream Socialists and Man Man holding up the other, and then parachuted Mary Poppins into the middle of the bridge sporting a colourful, happy ELO-shaped pop umbrella then you may sort of get the picture. Or you may think I’ve completely lost it, either would be fair enough.

It’s not as full-on as any of the aforementioned acts, more a smoother more chilled out appropriation of similar influences, but it still takes a surprising time to get into. I heard the first track, thought I like it, didn’t, had a disappointed phase and then finally settled on really enjoying this. Greatest album in the universe? Well, perhaps not, but it is very good indeed and well worth a listen.

Mancino – Hetchie Hutchie Footchie
Mancino – The Anvil And Me

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