Sebastian Waldejer – Touch of Souls Single & New Album

Sebastian Waldejer

Sweden has its own particular brand of sunny pop – often slightly cartoonish at times – but I would have no idea what to expect from a Norwegian record. More of the same? Darker? Who knows. Well Sebastian Waldejer is from Norway, and may be the first from that country to weasel his way into my music collection.

Actually, he could be Scottish. I know Scotland is virtually Scandinavian anway *Toad hastily ducks flying Buckfast bottle* so this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the Scots have a distinct brand of almost-sunny pop that this album could fit nicely into. It’s not as sunshiney as West Coast stuff – there’s a slightly darker edge to it than that – but it has a very laid-back, Sunday afternoon feel to it. You can imagine playing this as the late-afternoon sun streams in through your windows and you contemplate the fact that you’ve not really achieved any of things you promised yourself you would this weekend. And you don’t really care. So if you’d like a large slice of laid-back loveliness in your life, this may well be the man for you!

Sebastian has a new single out tomorrow called Touch of Soul which will be available digitally. Keep an eye on his new MySpace page to purchase it. For his older stuff, including the Porcelain Baby EP from which these two sample songs are taken, you want this page. He has an album approaching shortly if you like what you hear, presumably available via the first of those links.

Sebastian Waldejer – Porcelain Baby
Sebastian Waldejer – If I Could