Steve Adey – Mississippi Remixed

Steve Adey

Steve Adey is an Edinburgh singer-songwriter. We’re not big on rock ‘n’ roll here in Edinburgh, but there are quite a few folksters and acoustic singers, which seems to suit the local scene rather more.

Adey produces atmospheric, desolate folk that reminds me rather more of Adrian Crowley than it does the two legends he covers on his debut album: Bonnie Prince Billy and Bob Dylan. A bit more like Iron & Wine, perhaps. I’ve yet to hear All Things Real, his album, yet but I recently received a copy of a remix of Mississippi which is as good a place as any for us all to start.

It’s the last song on the album and is being released as a single. As part of the release he has made four different remix versions available, which perhaps harks back to his many years’ experience as a sound engineer remixing other people’s stuff. It’s an interesting idea though, as remixes tend to cluster around dancier stuff, or indie stuff being made dancy, rather than this sort of folk material.

The atmospherics are rather haunting and bleak, but this is no barrier to enjoying the song, which has an underlying warmth and sparse instrumentation to it that I like. The album can be bought here for those who are so inclined, and he has a MySpace page on which his epic cover of Dylan’s Shelter From the Storm can be previewed.

Steve Adey – Mississippi (A Marble Calm Remix)

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