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Toadcast #5 – Woo Hoo JC!


More errant podcastery from your favourite slippery green amphibian. This week I find myself yelling abuse at JC who writes a terrible blog called The Vinyl Villain and is currently stranded in Toronto for a few months, far away from his Glasgow home. JC was pretty much the first blogger to take any interest in Song, by Toad in its formative days and I have always been rather grateful for the encouragement Jim showed me back when I was starting out.

As such I thought I’d play a few songs from his favourite groups, a couple of things he’s brought us in the last few months and some songs about missing folk, seeing as he’ll presumably be pining like a teenager for the lovely Mrs. Villain. Well, that or masturbating himself into a zinc-deficient coma, of course.

Either way, hope you’re enjoying yourself JC. Here’s some bloody songs for ya!

Toadcast #5 – Distant Villainy

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1. Belly – Trust In Me (01.54)
2. Maximo Park – Girls Who Play Guitars (08.30)
3. The Doledrums – Midweek Dreamer (12.50)
4. Waylon Jennings – Dukes of Hazzard Theme (15.20)
5. Billy Bragg – Wishing the Days Away (Ballad Version) (18.33)
6. Alex Cornish – This One’s For You (24.28)
7. Adam Balbo – Rock Ballad (31.02)
8. Elbow – Fugitive Motel (36.24)
9. R.E.M. – Half a World Away (41.21)
10. The Doledrums – He Said (47.14)
11. The Meteors – Out of Time (51.21)
12. James – Say Something (55.33)
13. Thunderegg – Long Way From Home (59.50)
14. The Pendulums – Brand New Song (66.52)

15 witty ripostes to Toadcast #5 – Woo Hoo JC!

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    Tutu Vicar

    You see Mrs Villain every cloud has a silver lining. If JC hadn’t have zipped off to Toronto we wouldn’t have had this delightful toadcast. Just ensure you send over the zinc tablets.

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    Campfires & Battlefields

    Well, well, well. And how about that Alex Cornish, then? Just a superb track, which I purchased from iTunes moments ago thank you very much Matthew. I couldn’t agree with you more that Scotland seems to absolutely shit musical talent (that’s shit as a verb, not as an adjective or noun), and has done for at least 30 years now. I made a friend a mix recently that I called “Oh Caledonia!” because he’s one of these Americans of Scottish ancestry who walks about wearing kilts, etc., and I was just amazed as I was putting it together about the incredible range and diversity of Scottish pop music. Just lately there’s Ballboy, Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, Genaro, Gdansk, Maximo Park, Popup, Adam Beattie, Stroszek, Endor, not to mention Franz Ferdinand, who my wife worships as Gods, albeit slightly effete Gods. I mean, WTF?!

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    Maximo Park are actually from Northeast England – either Newcastle or somewhere very close by – but I agree wholeheartedly about the rest. I have to do a Scottish podcast some time soon, there’s just so much around at the moment.

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    […] Toadcast #5 – Woo hoo JC! […]

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    I am completely lost for words…..I am not worthy.

    I’m sitting with a nice glass of vino listening to your overly kind words and fine tunes and there are tears in my eye you bastard.

    And its only song 2…fuck knows what mess I’ll be in come the end.

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    Pedantic moment….Billy’s original version was on the sublime Talking To The Taxman About Poetry. But you’re right about this version being magnificent.


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    Alex Cornish – awfully like Chris Martin if I’m not mistaken…and you’re comments about swinging towards MOR are spot on

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    brilliant Radio 2 moment just there….the segue from Elbow into R.E.M.

    I’m now singing along, which will not be earning me any brownie points with the neighbours (none of whom talk to me anyway…..)

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    What do i think of it so far you say??? Fucking tops…..

    Loved The Meteors – hadn’t heard it before.

    As for Say Something…..I’m singing along again. More Sauvignon Blanc is required.

    Incidentally, its 10.08pm here, pitch black and about 75 degrees in old money. Thankfully its a rented apartment that i don’t need to worry about the leccy bills so the air conditioning is on full blast…

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    You’ve gone from bastard to cunt over the duration of this podcast and 3/4 of a bottle of wine. Both swear words are of course offered as terms of affection….

    If only my trombone was indeed shiny and new….

    I have no idea why I typed that last sentence. I want, no make that need, some of the drugs that The Pendulem have digested.

    And its goodnight from me…

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    Christ JC, this is a genuine running commentary! It’s like having Mrs. Toad reading on the couch while I record them, except with more ‘excellent’s and not nearly as many ‘that’s shit dear, record that again’s!

    Glad you liked it old chap, there’ll be more where Pendulum came from in the near future, I’d wager.

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    James Lancaster

    Just to confirm Alex Cornish, is not Scotttish, or Cornish for that matter. He’s from Kent.

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    Really? Christ what a muppet I am. I can’t believe he’s never corrected me when we’ve been emailing back and forth!

    I also described Adam Balbo as Scottish, and he’s from California I think.

    Welcome to Retard FM.

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    […] of the first artists I discovered via the Toadcast was Alex Cornish, who was featured in Toadcast #5. I think I downloaded a track straight after listening to the podcast, and bought Alex’s […]

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