Campfires & Battlefields


One of my regular readers, a certain Campfires & Battlefields, apart from making many an excellent contribution to the comments section of this blog, has also made a few equally welcome contributions to the Toad Music Archives. This is the man whose six-year-old described me as a ‘sort of foul-mouthed Harry Potter’ on listening to the first ever Toadcast.

So, by way of thanks for the new suggestions, apologies for scaring C&B Junior and apportioning credit where it is due Song, by Toad hereby presents the Campfires & Battlefields Deluxe Selection:

The Lodger These chaps are a jangly indie band from Leeds. Sort of a living apology for having forced the Kaiser Chiefs on us I suppose. Their debut album, Grown Ups, is out and four of the tracks can be previewed on their MySpace page.

The Lodger – Watching

Papercuts Can sound a bit like a blissful pop act, but there’s a definite underlying tension to their music. They’re quite folky at times too. Their latest album, Can’t Go Back can be found here (although you have to scroll down a bit).

Papercuts – John Brown

Decoration Definitely my favourite of the C&B recommendations, these chaps are part of a larger movement of groups re-interpreting that late 80s English jangly indie that I love so much. Unfortunately their most recent album is sold out, but there’s plenty more there to explore, and a little more on their MySpace page too.

Decoration – Pavey Ark

So cheers C&B, thanks for the tips. Hope the kids are, erm, alright these days…

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