Jake Flowers & the Carol-Anne Showband

Jake Flowers

The English folk scene has been in the rudest of health these last few years. If you head over to The Daily Growl you’ll see plenty of chat about the likes of Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit, as well as Emmy the Great who he finally talked me into liking despite considerable reticence on my part. There are countless others as well, all singing a kind of largely acoustic folk-pop with witty lyrics and a brilliant ability to transition between the cheeky and the lovely in a moment.

I was aware of Jake Flowers before I heard his recent material with The Carol-Anne Showband, but this little demo CD is bloody brilliant and it’s about time I posted about them. There’s quite an English folky sound to this – how would you define folky anyway? – but tracks like standout Annabel (keep an eye out for this week’s podcast) could equally easily be bracketed in the alt-country catch-all that has been bandied about so loosely in recent years.

Either way, fans of acoustic music which rises and falls between gentle melancholia and rattle-along rhythm will bloody love this. Jake’s voice can be quite fragile sounding at times, making the gentler songs all the more affecting. Annabel is a rather dark tale, Stalker’s upbeat rhythms disguise a mildly worrying tale of obsessive love, and Rosalie is a gorgeous love song that slowly builds and builds.

Three songs, just under eight minutes – a little bundle of joy. There’s one more at their MySpace page as well which is just as good as anything on the demo, so hopefully there will be much more where this came from in the months to come.

Jake Flowers & the Carol-Anne Showband – Rosalie
Jake Flowers & the Carol-Anne Showband – Stalker

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