More Folk to Vote For…

BT DMA07 Peoples Choice Nominee - Vote for me! title=

There are some more people to vote for in the Digital Music Awards, so get going. If you actually go to the site and see the excruciating list of utter shit listed under ‘blogs’ then you will see why it’s so important to get actual blogs by actual people with actual brain cells voted for on this bastard. Unbelievable, the shit that is listed there – preening, self-important, utterly vacuous and dripping in corporate jism. Fuck them, and the horse they rode in on.

So, vote for me.

And the Growl.
And the Hum.
And the Dance.
And the Rawk.
And the Sex.
And the Sweep.

And the tunes:

As a shameless incentive, I’ve thrown together a wee pile of songs from my first couple of years in Glasgow. I bought loads of CD singles at the time, half of which got pinched, but there was some cracking stuff around at this time, really there was.

The Bluetones – The Fountainhead
Blur – There’s No Other Way
Elastica – Vaseline
Sleeper – Vegas
The La’s – Son of a Gun (No, I checked, and apparently this one is a little debatable. When it’s a plural of a word as a word, rather than the object it represents then you use an apostrophe. So fuck off, smart-arse. Besides, The Las looks like a different band altogether.)

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