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It’s Not Nice to Make Fun of People, But…

Words not needed. The nicer people amongst my readership may not wish to laugh at this splendid fellow and I understand that. Personally, I wrestled with my conscience for almost a minute before giving in to my inner bastard and sniggering maliciously. It makes the Toadcasts look positively coherent. What a super special person this fellow is – honestly, it’s just perversely compelling.  The human zoo is a diverse and entertaining place indeed.  I love the threat at the end – ‘you’ll have to deal with me’, followed by floods of tears.  Jesus, I feel faintly soiled but I can’t stop watching it!


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    holy shizzle. I…I’m really speechless. sure, I laughed, but that’s hardly the point. this chris character needs some form of help with this britney obsession.

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    OMG. Speaking of “not well right now”. This is evidence of either too many drugs or not enough.

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    Genius .

    It gave we goosebumps.

    Such conviction.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We shall have a play.

    HE + DC

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    Campfires & Battlefields

    Two words. Involuntary. Commitment.

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    “You’re lucky she even performed for you BASTARDS!”

    Quite, quite marvellous Matthew, and as I believe the young people say in internet world ‘thanks for sharing’.

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    This is America’s future. Sigh.

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    “She’s not well right now.”

    Erm, pot, kettle, black. Just saying is all…

    Poor fellow. Sigh.

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    Ah yes, ‘mock the special child’. You should be ashamed of yourselves people – ashamed I say!

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    And here he is…

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    It was one of the strongest vid I’ve seen this year…sort of. I kinda feel sorry for him but well I must LEAVE HIM ALONE!! Hah…

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    Jesus that’s an amazing article FiL. I can’t believe anyone is that interested in the fellow, but they do make an interesting read out of it don’t they.

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