Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree

Seventh Tree

Sheesh, this just isn’t very good. I loved Felt Mountain and I really liked Black Cherry. By the time Supernature came around I was, I must confess, losing interest in the glam disco Minx persona, so I was really excited to hear that this record was to be a shift of pace towards a dreamier, more folky sound.

In practise it just isn’t very successful. Some of the tracks are terrific – Little Bird is really nice, and Eat Yourself is pretty good – but there are times when ‘dreamy’ drifts listlessly into ‘middle class dinner party’ and this, ultimately, is where the album rather disappointingly settles. It has been described as a Return to Felt Mountain, but it is far less spookily atmospheric than that rather excellent record. I described it on a podcast recently as being more than just a little bit like Texas in parts, I stand by that and it is most positively not a compliment.

So whilst there are moments where you are carried away to the dreamy world of faeries and slightly macabre old folk tales, there are rather unfortunately far more times when you are carried away to a tawdry boutique full of pointless lady tat and a soundtrack designed to evoke evenings in with the girls drinking Aussie Chardonnay and lighting candles for ambience. This is shopping music.

Goldfrapp – Little Bird This one’s rather nice…
Goldfrapp – Caravan Girl …but this is woeful.

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