MGMT – Oracular Spectacular


Slightly camp electro-pop? Me? With my reputation? Has no-one thought of the consequences? You’re talking to a man who barely, barely likes the Scissor Sisters for Christ’s sake. In fact, the Scissor Sisters are an instructive comparison because, despite the electro-synth genius of opener Time to Pretend, this is much more of a disco record than an edgy synth one.

The hype surrounding MGMT put me off to such an extent (ah right, another heavily stylised bunch of electro ponces from New York – wonderful) that I ignored the album, the buzz and the band for ages. In fact, it was only when I discovered that they are playing Edinburgh’s Liquid Room in a couple of weeks that I thought ‘Oh yes, them.  I wonder if they’re actually any good after all’. The buzz alone tempted me to go along and check them out, if just for the sake of it, almost in a collector’s sense.

So I heard Time to Pretend, I bought the album and I loved it, largely. I have to confess that I start to lose interest in the second half, so I can’t claim to love it all, and it may not be dark enough for me to form a close emotional attachment. But this is not an album that I approach on a thoughtful basis, it’s an album I approach on a maximum wiggle basis. And there is plenty of wiggling to be done when MGMT are playing.

MGMT – Time to Pretend
MGMT – Weekend Wars

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