Song, by Toad Records Launch Party

Song, by Toad Records

Gosh, that was fun. Exhausting, nerve-wracking and monumental hangover-inducing, but it was certainly fun.

The Meridian is a small place, so it filled up pretty quickly (which was an enormous relief). Then again, that was the precise reason I chose that particular pub – I’m not daft! Morgan – the man who is Song, by Toad TV – helped me charge round charity shops during the day frantically accumulating china tea sets, old lamps, anything that would give the place a bit of Toadly character. The piece de resistance ended up being an oddly sinister-looking doll in a large bird cage but, erm, oh just don’t ask!

The teacups were put to use as gin receptacles. For a tenner you could buy a teapot of gin & tonic (five shots – bargain) and then you helped yourselves to cups and thus was gin imbibed in biblical quantities. It was a bit fucking ridiculous, but then that was the idea. We wanted it to be fun. Apparently the mix was a little strong for some but that, I’m afraid, is how an amphibian takes his medicinals.

The place looked brilliant, loads of people came, the atmosphere was great – I had a fucking brilliant time.  The only blot on the landscape was the fact that the carefully constructed between-bands mixes I asked my friends to make were nixed by a computer meltdown, so we had to be rescued by Alex the sound guy’s iPod.  Fortunately, this more than did the trick, but apologies to JC and Andy for wasting all your effort.

The performances were excellent.  The Byrons made a right fucking racket to wake everyone up, Meursault‘s largely acoustic set was gorgeous, and then Celebrity Chimp rounded off the night superbly.  I’ve never seen them live before and I’ve been humming their songs ever since.  Fucking brilliant they were, and it was great to have the chance to bring something a bit different to the Edinburgh live circuit.  As I said to a few too many people at the time (I was very drunk and clearly pleased with myself over the turn of phrase) ‘none of yer agit-folk here, lads’.

Apart from that, it was really, really nice how many people turned up to support us.  Thanks to all of you for making the effort.  It was a bit like a wedding in the sense that I never got the chance to properly talk to half the people I wanted to, but I really am chuffed that you all made the effort to come along.  Nightjar album release party in July, everyone?  I promise to stay a little more sober.


The Byrons – Azerbaijan
Meursault – The Furnace
Celebrity Chimp – Swingers

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