Cymru Am Byth!

Right then, boys. Just leave me a pint of Brain’s Dark over b’there and a Clark’s Pie and we’ll have some proper music up b’yer quicker than Shane Williams can outrun the English!

I won’t lie to you, but, it’s all Max Boyce and Dame Shirl from now on…

Of course, it won’t be anything like that; but Matthew must have been expecting some such nonsense so I thought I’d humour him!

Okay, so I’ve been given the keys to Toad Hall for a couple of weeks, which I’m most grateful to his lordship for, but I’ll admit I’m a little out of my depth here guys. I’ve got a few ideas for posts – well, three – so we’re fine until Saturday; but feel free to chip in with any suggestions for posts, new music you’ve found, favourite recipes, anything really.

So to finish off my brief introduction in predictable, but no less grand for it, style. Here’s some classic Cool Cymru that his lordship would probably approve of.

Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give A Fuck

60ft Dolls – Stay

Catatonia – International Velvet

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