The Just Joans – Hey Boy, You’re Oh So Sensitive!

So Sensitive!

I really only found these guys because Bart at The Gentle Invasion invited them to play one of his gig nights at Henry’s recently.  ‘Who are they, then’, I wondered innocently to myself before wandering off to MySpace, hearing the title track of this album, and dancing a little jig of joy all to myself.

What a fucking great song it is, too.  The rest of the album levels off a little, both in terms of sound and in terms of ebullient mischief, but it is still very good indeed.  If it sounds like anything, I’d perhaps suggest it could be what Aidan Moffat might have done to Belle & Sebastian, given half a yard, from the flat Glasgwegian delivery and thick accent to the occasional need for a lyrical double-take.  What did they just say?

Musically, it’s decent twee pop, with just enough of a particular discordant atonality to really sprinkle proceedings with pixie dust.  It all sounds like it was recorded in a basement in an old Glasgow tenement block, with little more than a tape recorder in the corner, but I like that sort of bare sound, and I bloody like this.

The Just Joans – Hey Boy, You’re Oh So Sensitive
The Just Joans – What Do We Do Now?

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