I’m Sorry, What Did You Say?

John McCain, is fucking idiot, there are no two ways about it. Anyone who repeatedly refers to a nation called Czechoslovakia is a bozo and it is a masterpiece of the sheer catatonic passivity of the American press, as well as a nod to the audacity of Republican Party dialogue hijacking, that Obama is the one being doubted because of some imaginary relative weakness in areas of foreign policy.

In terms of being a weapons grade global irony whirlwind, on the other hand, the video below deliverys a valedictory masterclass from McCain. I haven’t seen many politicians manage to say anything so jaw-droppingly bald-faced and get away with it before. Perhaps the man is presidential material after all…!

[Video removed, presumably due to hilariously embarrassing content.]

“In the 21st Century, nations do not invade other nations”? You cannot be serious! I am forever being drawn back to Tom Lehrer’s comment about satire being obsolete when I hear things like this. How the fuck is it possible to mock something as dismissively vacant a statement as that. He cannot, cannot surely, be so stupid as to fail to understand the irony of what he just said, and yet he still came out with it.

It amazes me that American politics has become so incredibly partisan that this kind of thing isn’t roundly and widely mocked amongst Republicans as well as Democrats, and all this foreign policy bollocks just laughed out of the room, but it doesn’t seem to be. Just amazing, truly, truly amazing.

I think this is finally reason enough to post this song – finally we have found something ironic enough. Alanis Morrisette – Ironic
I guess these two songs will be all over blog posts discussing this particular situation, but they are so approriate I just can’t stop myself:
Willie Nelson – Georgia on My Mind
The Beatles – Back in the USSR

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