Woohoo! New stuff from The Young Republic!

Disappointingly, however, it’s only two cover versions.

I’m sure Julian and the guys will tell us they’re just whetting our appetite until the release of the highly anticipated new recordings; but don’t believe them – oh no – for I happen to know that they’re evil, evil little scamps who love nothing more than to tease and tantalise us!

Luckily for them they’re one of the best young bands around at the moment, otherwise we might not let them get away with such shenaningans. If Matthew were here he’d give them a piece of his mind I can tell you!

Anyhoo… One of the covers is of Television’s See No Evil from their classic Marquee Moon album, and the choice of this song might offer a hint about a slightly punkier edge to some of The Young Republic’s forthcoming output.

The second is, appropriately enough round here at the moment, a cover of Tango ‘Til They’re Sore by some slippery charlatan by the name of Waits. It’s a splendid rendition of a wonderful song – Julian nailing a Waitsian growl while the band shimmer and scrape menacingly behind him.

The band have also announced a forthcoming visit to the UK. They won’t be stopping off in Edinburgh this time, unfortunately, but they are playing End Of The Road festival and one or two other events. Check out their website for more details.

The Young Republic – See No Evil
The Young Republic – Tango ‘Til They’re Sore

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