Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts

Okay, if you don’t like slightly droney guitars, a deliberately low-fi sound and rather distant vocals then don’t go anywhere near this. If you care about hearing something hugely original I wouldn’t bother either.

If none of that is going to bother you, then go for it right now, because this is a really good mini-album.  It comes from the same place as a lot of the darker, less jangly indie that was very popular in the late 80s, with an insistent, but low key thrum of guitar keeping the song very much on the straight and narrow.  It reminds me of driving at night at times, with the lines on the road rhythmically forging their way through the pool of white light made by your headlights.

The song whose title most evokes that image, Bright Light Nursery, is funnily enough one of the ones whose music is least suited to the comparison.  It’s also perhaps my least favourite song on the album, so it’s not all hits all the way through.  But with the excellent Crippled Croon and Lights bookending this project the whole record has an excellent unity to it – becoming more of a journey itself than a series of unrelated pop songs.

I couldn’t tell you why this particular example of such a well-explored genre seems to appeal to – I rarely can – but for some reason these guys have managed to forego the scrabble for innovation and simply produce a good record.  And, let’s face it, how much of what anyone does is genuinely original?

Crystal Stilts – Lights

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