Is it Wrong…

Is it really wrong to watch this YouTube clip from the new series of Extras and think ‘Ooh, Diana Rigg – somehow still quite foxy.” It probably is, isn’t it.

Apart from being some sort of appaling pervert, I think I know the reason I felt just a little bit of phwooar watching that. See, for me the most appealing characteristics in women have always been wit and sass. No amount of firm young flesh can possibly make up for having no spunk, no sharpness, no spirit, no humour, no brains. If you are dull (in the old-fashioned sense, not just boring) then losing weight and shortening your skirt can never save you.

I can’t imagine it being any fun at all to hang out with a woman who can’t put you in your place with the mere raise of an eyebrow, or to make a complete fool of you with nothing but her tone of voice. It makes life fun – it gives you someone to play with. It keeps you on your toes, and if you don’t have the balls to face that kind of a woman they you don’t bloody deserve one in the first place.

The Avengers Theme
Cinerama – Lollobrigida
Cinerama – Starry Eyed

Mind you, having looked like this in your youth never did anyone any harm either:

Phwooar indeed!

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