Animal Magic Tricks

Animal Magic Tricks

Frances, aka Animal Magic Tricks, played in Edinburgh a little while ago on her way up to Fife to play at the Fence Records Halloween Party.  I’d never heard of her before, but blimey she was good.  I’ve since gone a bit MySpace on the whole business and only been more impressed.  She’ll be playing up here again in February or March again hopefully, and Neil from Meursault has offered to do some recording with her as he was equally impressed.  This is splendid news: more songs, more songs!

Why do I like it so much then?  Well on her recorded stuff in particular Frances has really allowed the crackle and his to detune what might otherwise be very pretty, flighty female eccentrica.  Imagine if the likes of Feist or St. Vincent or any of that lot had been detuned to the point of disintegration, and you can imagine what you’re in for here.  Distorted clicks and beeps pervert a gentle, quavering voice, bringing all sorts of intrigue and depth to what might otherwise be very fragile and gentle.  As it is, the sound is more deviated and sinister.

She has an EP (I think it’s an EP) for sale on her MySpace page which I have just ordered and am really looking forward to hearing.  And I am really excited about the prospect of working with her in the Spring.  Splendid!

Animal Magic Tricks – Cannibal I
Animal Magic Tricks – Fingers (Demo)