‘Mersault’ – Meursault’s 4 Star Mojo Review

Meursault Review

You know it never occurred to me that Meursault’s band name would prove so tricky to spell, but first the BBC and now Mojo magazine have managed to spell it incorrectly, and both in different ways. When they were played on Gideon Coe last week they were on the track listing as Meuersault, and now their brilliant review in this month’s Mojo starts with them being referred to as Mersault. God knows how that’s going to affect any of our potential sales, but I hope we don’t have too many people give on looking for a band that might not drop easily out of a Google search. I’ve written a page on the label site with both misspellings in the URL and the title, which is about all I can think of.

Anyway, what a fucking great review eh? Well done lads. The album can be pre-ordered here, in advance of a 15th December release date, or bought at the Song, by Toad Christmas Party next Friday at the Bowery.

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