Robin Grey – I Love Leonard Cohen

Robin Grey

Robin is, I suspect, not the only one. I really liked his recent album Only the Missile, and this appears to a rather lovely little inbetweeny EP. There’s a gorgeous atmosphere to Robin’s stuff that I can’t quite put my finger on. He has a deep, reassuring voice and a calming, unhurried delivery which seems to bring a familiar ease to his sound.

Add a splash of female backing vocals and was simply really nice becomes bloody gorgeous. This is EP is patchy, but the title track is a lovely reminiscence on the transience of music taste, and the pleasant self-indulgence of nostalgia. The cover of the superb Kirsty MacColl song There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis is as good as the original, in an odd way. And then there’s Shakes & Shudders. Christ this is lovely. If I’ve heard a more intimate, weary song in ages I couldn’t name it: just fucking gorgeous.

I like the fact that he’s made this available under a Creative Commons license as well. It’s sort of brave, and far from clear-cut – I mean, where does this place blogs with ads? Presumably they can’t post it. I doubt Robin himself would have an issue with it of course, but it does highlight one of the inherent contradictions to which we in the blogosphere often turn a blind eye. So go here to download it, and to explore Jamendo, the Creative Commons-based music download site, which is a highly interesting idea in itself.

Robin Grey – Shakes & Shudders
And just because we all sincerely do love Leonard Cohen:
Leonard Cohen – Last Year’s Man

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