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In advance of the official release dates for Song, by Toad Records things there has been a slow and steady trickle of good news from the media outlets to whom we have submitted our stuff.

We just found out last night that both Stuart Maconie and Gideon Coe have played songs from the Meursault album which is, frankly, fucking brilliant.

Is This Music? have given both Meursault and eaglowl records fantastic reviews, so massive thanks to both Ed and Brian for those.

Crack Magazine gave the Meursault album a really positive review (scroll down a bit) and eagleowl’s Sleeptide was featured in Word Magazine as one of the favourite songs on the office stereo this month, and were also featured by the Scotsman as one of Scotland’s best unsigned bands.

Apparently the Nightjar record is going to be the Single of the Issue in the next edition of Beatmag – ie at the top of this page – but I don’t want to jinx it by being prematurely delighted. Big thanks to Thomas for his enthusiasm – it’s much appreciated.

We’ve had some really positive blog reviews for the eagleowl stuff from The Next Big Thing, for Nightjar from Landcroft House, and for Rob St. John from Eaten By Monsters, so thanks to Brother Randall, Rob and Tom respectively for those.

I have to point out that the eagleowl and Rob St. John records are not Song, by Toad releases, just friends who we helped with their promo effort, in terms of mailing lists, envelope stuffing, some format advice and things like that. So I really don’t want to give the impression that I am trying to steal their thunder because I haven’t made a particularly big contribution to the success of either record. They’re both just friends, so I’m pleased for them, that’s all.

So, we’re nearly ready for the official release date of the Meursault album (at the Toad Christmas Party on the Friday 5th), complete with new, super minimal art packaging as designed by the band themselves (fucking art students), I reckon we should be a cool couple of million in the black by the end of… oh, stop it, you know what I mean.

Rob St. John – Paper Ships (Live Demo)
Nightjar – Poor Man’s Son
Eagleowl – Know By Now
Meursault – Nothing Broke (Demo)

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