The Waiting Room 10.12.08

Goggle Eyed HipstersEvenin’ all.

Once again we, over at the ever-grateful TWR, are taking advantage of Toad’s generous offer to host our nonsense on the hallowed pages of  S,bT while we negotiate a permanent home for the radio show.

For those of you who give even the slightest hint of a toss, we’re currently talking to a number of very interesting (& interested) proper professional radio stations, here in the UK & the US.   We should be in a position to make an informed decision early part of January ’09.  Until then we’re taking a bit of a break from the ‘on air’ chaos &  are instead just podcasting each week’s outing.  Essentially it’s a busman’s holiday.

This week we have the pleasure of introducing to you, the Listening Few, the following sweetness: Mother Mother, The Duchess & The Duke, Arthur Adams, Blitzen Trapper, Tom Williams & The Boat, Michael Bach, Rags & Feathers, The Tallest Man on Earth, Jay Jay Pistolet, Fredrik, EagleowlFrancis + the now expected many much so more.

The Theme Tune Competition is still running, as are competitions for the Sŵn bundle of goodies, the Ida Maria/V.V. Brown bundle, as well as the  The Kabeedies/Tim & Sam’s the Tim & Sam Band with Tim & Sam/Pelle Carlberg/Lucky Delucci bundle.  Free stuff, effectively, for the sake of an email.

Tune in, then, you.

The Waiting Room: 10th December 2008 [audio:]

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