The Waiting Room 17.12.08

Happiness is a Spar near Tower Hamlets

‘iya, as my Kairdiff accented friend would say; only me.

Here it is, then. The last show before the last show before Christmas. Hasn’t the year simply zipped?

To assist the remainder of 2008 pass through you like last week’s Chinese takeout omlette, re-heated using only the breath of a cider-drunk Deutscher Schäferhund, this week’s offal will be spat out in the same manner as you coming across a crust of dead flies stuck to the bottom of a glass of home-made lemonade mid-swallow.

As per, then, I & TWoTH will stain the airwaves with jibber jabber not heard since Brendan Fraser, the actor, was asked to explain ‘irony’ during a press conference for his broken bottle rape of the celluloid artform via the medium of “Monkeybone”.

Once you’ve recovered from that delightful triple image donkey punch you’ll be able to tuck into such aural delights as: The Great Lake Swimmers, Delta Spirit, Ane Brun, The Thermals, Mitchell Museum, Bosque Brown, SoKo, The Strange Boys, The Duchess & The Duke, Meaghan Smith, Lex Land, Lindi Ortega, Mercy Choir, & the Spanish Inquisition that are the many, many more.

Thanks are due, once again, to Mr. Toad for allowing us to park our wide load in his driveway. Plus a big nod, elaborately crossed arms & a suck on the teeth stance to all of youse out there in listeningland what are coming back week on week. Ta very, muchly appreciated, thanks.

We don’t yet have a plan for our Christmas Eve show, but the New Year’s Eve 3hr bonanza will essentially be a run down of our favourite bits of musicary we’ve played throughout 2008. We’re hoping to feature a number of our friends (The Lord Dog Dylan, being one), between each track, talking about whatever comes to mind.

But that’s the almost immediate future. The very immediate future is pretty much right about now. Click on, then, fair fellows, click on.

The Waiting Room: 10th December 2008[audio:]

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