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Well we’re finally back into the swing of things after a slightly stuttering start to the new year, here at Toad Hall.  We have a Samamidon session in the bag, which we’ll be hoping to largely sort out this weekend.  And those videos from the live show are amazing, if you ask me.  The HD quality may be slow to load, but even as heavily compressed as they are (and they really are) I still think the quality is fantastic.  We are likely to acquire one of those cameras for the Toad Sessions on a permanent basis, so we should be able to make some really good videos from now on.  The Fence Collective’s Homegame Festival in March should produce some cracking stuff with a bit of luck, although the more footage the more editing etc etc.

Anyhow, it’s Friday and we are about to go to the pub for a couple of pints and a good meal.  Our favourite haunt, the King’s Wark, has been shut down for a few weeks so we’re a bit homeless at the moment.  And Shonagh, our favourite King’s Wark bartender, has been banned from reading this site at work so the fates are trying to separate me from my favourite watering hole at the moment and I shall not let them!

In other news, Tim from the Daily Growl, who has just penned a lovely Meursault review, tipped me off to a gorgeous Samantha Crain Daytrotter Session which you all might rather like.  Her new album is getting ever closer and I am as excited as a small child at five o’clock on Christmas morning.

Anyone who wishes to contribute Five Friday Favourites just get in touch, but whatever the weather, here are this week’s five for your shameless time-wasting pleasure…

1. Really good song by a group you really fucking hate.
2. Really cringeworthily bad song by a group you love.
3. Favourite crap film.
4. Public figure who is a total dick, but whom you quite like anyway.
5. Some really good news you’ve had recently – share the joy, it’s fucking Friday after all!

Right, I’m starting with something great, because this is going to become bad pretty damn quickly.  I really dislike The River overall, and I think it’s generally one of Bruce Springsteen’s worst albums.  This song is amazing though:
Bruce Springsteen – Independence Day

But this one is abysmal.  Can’t fucking stand it:
Bruce Springsteen – Hungry Heart

Michael Jackson is both deeply sinister and a total fruit loop.  But you can’t argue with this sort of thing:
Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Inexplicably, I liked both of these last two songs when I was young, and because of that I still have a faint affection for them that I can’t quite purge.
Simply Red – A New Flame

No, I really wasn’t very cool when I was twelve.  But why has Phil Collins never been enjoyed in the full flower of cheesy 80s retrospection?  I know that personally he’s a total cock, but musically he’s no worse than loads of the stuff which has been celebrated with ironic glee, surely?
Phil Collins – Don’t Lose My Number

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