Iggy Pop F’s the Baby Jesus in the A


There’s a reason that I swear a lot on this site, and mostly it’s because the world reduces me to fucking tears half the time.  People are pathetic; greedy, shallow, vapid, pig-ignorant, jealous and parochial.  I cannot possibly be the only one who saw this desperate Iggy Pop car insurance advert and had to double and triple take just to be sure that it really was the old banjo string himself:

Can my American compadres enlighten me – has he always pimped out his scrawny ass for the meanest shilling?  Is this a new thing?  What the FUCK was he doing appearing in that advert?  How the lizard’s penis did this abomination come into being?  It’s so surreal.  Car fucking insurance Iggy?  Is Iggy your real name?  I bet it’s something like Bernard isn’t it, you dismal black hole of dignity you.  I nearly cried, people, I really nearly burst into tears.

And for some reason my computer has now defaulted to Google Sweden.  Brilliant, that’s helpful.

Deer Tick – Ashamed (Yes, I picked this entirely for the title.  The lyrics have nothing to do with Iggy Pop’s auctioned dignity.)