The Waiting Room 07.01.09

The Waiting Room

It’s been a strange few days over here at DCHQ.  On Monday a certain NY radio station sent what can only be described as a compliment-strewn e-beg asking us to join their airwaves, affording us carte blanche on show content & tomfoolery. Yesterday we received word that this month our TWR podcasts are #1 on the Podbean site for the Radio category (with almost 14,000 listeners tuning in since New Year’s day). Then we discover we have the 4th most listened to Radio podcast on the entire Podbean site, ever.

This morning I received an email from a promoter asking me to assist in finding some information on the Butthole Surfers‘ first ever overseas gig back in the 1980s.  Seems he discovered a comment I left on S,bT a while back mentioning said gig, which had been held in Newport Leisure Centre in Gwent.  He’s hoping I can provide details for a book that’s being written about the band.

This afternoon I received an email from a Swedish band, who we’ve featured a handful of times on the show, telling us they’ve name-checked us in their latest song.  Minutes later we get an email from a Cardiff film crew asking us to take part in a documentary they’re planning on UK anti-folk, asking to interview me + film an episode of TWR being made. 

Fuck’s going on?  When did we get to be the mutt’s?  Madness, I tells you; madness. If nothing else it’s clearly going to be stupid busy (again) this year.

Anyway, enough of this ego-spunking.  Tonight, The Woman of The House & I kick off the year with a wine-soaked show, dragging along for the ride new bands/artistes/exclusive tracks + a brand new theme tune (courtesy a delightfully silly Scottish ensemble).

In residence, then: Miss Emily Brown, Miniature Tiger, The Deep Dark Woods, Supercot, Holly Golightly & The Broke Offs, Ruckus Roboticus, Clem Snide, Lily Frost, Lenka, Jukebox The Ghost, Kitty & The Can Openers, Basket of Figs, The Kazoo Funk Orchestra & very many more.

You know what to do.

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