The Waiting Room 14.01.09

The Waiting Room

This here is an automated, pre-written post as I’m currently away on one of my spy missions to the USof until the 21st January. Not only does my welcome absence afford TWoTH some much needed ‘down time’ from my giddy ninnying, she also has about 2 weeks of having to only worry about the DCHQ cats dropping half-chewed food on the duvet, leaving suspect puddles on the floor & jumping all over her head at 3am because they can’t sleep & want attention.

This week, then, in a further installment of the Drunk Covers series, TWoTH & I am genuinely delighted to present GUILT BY ASSOCIATION VOL. 2, the second album of intriguing & sometimes ingenius cover versions (recorded by a gaggle of well known, & not so known, indie bands & artistes) on the wonderful Engine Room Recordings.

Replicating exactly what Hope Eternal & I achieved, when she was at the helm of the good ship TWR, TWoTH & I are playing the entire GBA2 album, in sequence, & reviewing said in our now standard clatter patter style, marking the whole thing, like we’re important or something, out of 10.

If that’s not enough to get you juicing at the seam, there will also be a fine selection of additonal cover versions for you to wrap your where-have-I-heard-that-befores around. Given how much Toad loves cover versions, this show should give him a big old fashioned male orgasm.

Amongst the many, then, will be: Miniature Tigers, Anna Ternheim, Noah & The Whale, Frightened Rabbit, First Aid Kit, My Brightest Diamond, Jukebox The Ghost, Cassettes Won’t Listen, Ema & The Ghosts, + Gareth Pearson — a 19 year old guitar virtuoso (from Cwmbran, Wales) who fingers off a truly astonishing MGMT cover.

That’s about it, then, for this week’s puff & stutter. See you in about 2weeks, when we’ll have news about our new radio station lodgings. Sunny days, people, sunny days.

The Waiting Room: Wednesday 14th January [audio:]

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