Vetiver – More of the Past


At what point does homage become pastiche, I have been asking myself recently.  I was thinking of bands like Samamidon, Langhorne Slim and the Felice Brothers rather than this, but it still sort of applies, I think.  Basically this is a series of old covers, performed with affection and just enough interpretation to make them interesting.  Look at the other bands and although they perform orginal material they are so buried in recognisable old styles that I find myself wondering at what point you really can call something ‘re’interpretation.  Just an idle speculation, of course.  I don’t care what you call it, as long as you’re writing songs as wonderful as those three bands consistently manage.

This is more of a precursor to a new Vetiver album proper, which is due out in the middle of February, but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless.  I know there’s an accompanying full album of this stuff which might be too much of a good thing, but I haven’t heard that so I can simply enjoy and gentle, banjo-strewn stroll through this material.  It’s old-fashioned, pleasant and highly enjoyable.  And, whilst it may not be earth-shattering, it means I will pay an awful lot more attention to their new record when it arrives.

Vetiver – Just to Have You

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