The Waiting Room 11.02.09

The Waiting Room

Howdy folks & apologies for (a) busting in on Mr. Toad’s podcast post, & (b) being late. Again. There’s a very good reason for that, namely I’ve been busting my orbs getting stuff & nonsense sorted out ready for our new station premiere — which, frustratingly, I still can’t say anything about.  All I can say is it’s happening very soon indeed.

One of the things I’ve been doing, sleeplessly, for the past week, is giving TWRHQ a bit of a tart up creating & adding new graphics, links, & building an entirely new add on site (TWR 2.0) that hosts all our interviews & sessions.  Finally, long after a number of people asked for it, you can now listen to/download all the individual interviews, minus the rest of the shows they were originally docked within, that we have conducted on the show.

To this week’s blather, then:  chatter-wise it’s the standard tongue wobbble you’ve come to expect. Musically you have my permission to delight in The Peasantry, One Two One Twos, The Phantom Band, The Leisure Society, The Miserable Rich, Osso, Oh Land, The Spring Standards, Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern, Shenandoah Davis, Hey Rosetta!, Timber Timbre & a picnic hamper chock full of many, many more.


The Waiting Room: Wednesday 11th February

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