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Shenandoah Davis

Shenandoah Davis

From the fertile soil of Cascadia* sprouts yet another very promising band, although Miss Davis might not generally call herself a ‘band’ because it is, in fact, just her.

Inevitably it’s all rather low-fi, but it makes a virtue of this rather than a failing.  For the most part she tends to play the piano, and sing along in a rather flighty, theatrical voice.  There are similarities to the likes of Feist, St. Vincent and, to a lesser extent, Alela Diane in these songs, but the eccentricities in the delivery are perfectly restrained which makes it rather more enjoyable than those first two ladies for the likes of me.

In the email she sent, Miss Davis explains that she started out working in the fields of classical and jazz, but she uses the term ‘tunnel vision’ to describe her experiences in the academia which seems to dominate these fields.  Indie folk has its own orthodoxies of course, but whatever happens I suppose that striking out on your own should bring artistic freedom within whatever field you happen to find yourself.

It’s early days, and there isn’t that much to go on, but there are five good songs here, which I could easily image forming part of an ultra-low-fi release, or which could equally withstand a more layered studio approach.  Shenandoah Davis looks very much like one to keep an eye on.

Shenandoah Davis – These Rocks

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Shenandoah Davis – We; Camera

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*Tell you what, if there ever was a successful independence movement for Cascadia, I would be there in a shot.

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    These two songs are simply wonderful.

    This is what I mean when I keep banging on about craftsmanship. It’s quite simply about getting it right. It’s about instinctively knowing what a song needs and where you should stop. It’s about being able to express your emotions and talent in equal measure.

    On the basis of these two songs it seems quite clear that to me this girl is a master of those skills.

    ‘Shenandoah’ is also one of my favourite words.

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    If she can come up with a release I would certainly be very keen to hear it. I like her voice – it has just the right amount of character, without drifting into eccentric hippy wailing, which can happen.

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    Campfires & Battlefields

    Lovely stuff. But if Cascadia encompasses Alaska, does that mean Sarah Palin can run for President of it?

    I live within about an hour’s drive of the real Shenandoah River Valley, which is about as far from Cascadia as one can get and still be in North America:

    I can attest that it’s not just a pretty name.

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    Looks shit.

    Cascadia looks like it would be just a little bit too literate for the likes of Sarah Palin. I know there are a lot of crazy rednecks in those parts, but can you imagine a country whose cities are Portland, Seattle and San Francisco ever voting for a frothing, illiterate hick with all the cognitive skills of a guinea pig?

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    […] The participants come from bands like Huma and Shenandoah Davis (who introduced herself to me only recently), and they haven’t quite got as far as finding labels to release anything yet, but […]

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