The Waiting Room 31.01.09

The Waiting Room

Oops!  Sorry we’re late.  Thankfully, we’re not pregnant.

What a couple of tech-fart heavy days.  Firstly, the show we done prepared/recorded for Wednesday 29th done got killed dead by our glitch-ridden editing software (now retired & replaced) as we were transferring it from one format to another. Gone, it were, plain old gone. To compensate & salvage some professional pride we put the show back to Saturday 31st in order to allow room to breathe & re-record the entire thing (essentially a re-record of the pre-record).

Secondly, we took it as a given that the show was all uploaded & ready to air, via an auto-post for 10pm Saturday 31st, so we turned the computer off & took a much needed relax/sleep.   Imagine our aghastness, then, when today, late afternoon, Sunday 1st February, we discovered the damn auto-pilot had (again) failed to launch.  Buggeration.

Thirdly, we forgot to bloody write the post for this here site – jetlag, see. A contemporary middleclass disease, I’ll have you know.

This, then, is a re-write of the re-write of the original post for the original show.

The above promo art may give you some clue as to what is included in this week’s outing (albeit via the now expected cryptic variant of direct marketing what we employ); ½DC (not at all) fresh from yet another Stateside jaunt goes into some gobsmacking detail about the continuing (mis-)adventures of his erstwhile American counterpart, Ed, whilst boarding under the same roof for almost 2 weeks.  Let’s just say you’re lucky he’s here, alive, presenting the show for you today.

Music, then, comes from the likes of Beirut (new EP track), Andrew Bird, Clem Snide (exclusive new LP track), Trembling Bells, Lisa Hannigan, Broken Records, Raise High the Roof Beam, Hari & Aino, The Welcome Wagon, The Pains of Being Pure at HeartOperahouse, + the very welcome many, many more.

A veritible ear orgy, wouldn’t you say?

Next week we’ll back to our usual Wednesday broadcast time. Until then, strap it on.

The Waiting Room: Saturday 31st January

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