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Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

*innocent whistling*

No, we’re not doing that this week actually, although Five Ways to Leave Your Lover would be a fine Friday Five at some point in the future.  Nothing too insulting, nothing too pedestrian, and points given for believability combined with strangeness.  Nice idea actually but, well, maybe later.

This week’s five were suggested by the excellent Mr. Team Turnip on the Pains of Being Pure at Heart review, I think.  It was all about bands who develop their songwriting and those who simply consolidate once they have found a style with which they and their fans are comfortable.

This is a nice one actually, because it exposes our prejudices.  The sum total of all music criticism pretty much boils down to ‘I like this… and I don’t like that.’  It’s an instinctive decision and as much as we can try and rationalise it afterwards, no amount of good argument can make you like or dislike anything much more than you do instinctively.  I suppose being pointed out that something was ripped off from somewhere or that such and such is a dickhead or so on can make you cool on something, but basically I think we’re mostly left with just a gut reaction, as far as music is concerned.

So for all we praise bands for developing, complain that they are derivative or criticise them for standing still, there are always plenty of groups we love who make total hypocrites of us for doing so. So chip in with yours, please, and take this opportunity not to worry about the fact that 90% of the comments on this site come from the same ten or fifteen people.  Ignore them, they’re harmless, and I’d be delighted to be introduced to a new lurker, should you fancy it.  Take the plunge, the water’s lovely.

1. Band who just knock out the same old shit time after time, but you love them anyway.
2. Band who have impressed you by continuing to develop, despite having a lot to lose.
3. Band who have become better and better with time.
4. Band who are a total rip-off, but you don’t fucking care, thank you very much.
5. Band you love who make you feel like a total hypocrite.

Eels – Sweet Li’l Thing

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The Strokes – Vision of Division

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – We Call Upon the Author

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The Decemberists – Red Right Ankle

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Babyshambles – Delivery

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101 witty ripostes to Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

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    procedural matter. are points 1 and 5 not almost identical?

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    nah they aren’t

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    i’m going to put AC/DC for no1…but wouldn’t for no5

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    I call upon the author to explain.

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    No, I could like some over-produced and over-compressed acoustic music, and that would make me feel like a hypocrite and not necessarily answer point 1.

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    (P.S.: Comment #4: nice!)

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    1. AC/DC (only one truly bad album the rest rock)

    2. Bob Dylan

    3. Wilco (listen to their first album…you wouldn’t believe that it is the same band that produce Sky Blue Sky)

    4. Black Crowes (ripped off the Stones, Humble Pie and The Allman Brothers Band) still love the to death.

    5. Deacon Blue.

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    Campfires & Battlefields

    1. Interpol.

    2. Liars.

    3. Well, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is the obvious answer.

    4. Trembling Blue Stars. It’s okay, because Bobby Wratten is ripping off himself.

    5. Led Zeppelin. I’m forever railing against music that I consider “pretentious,” and yet I get positively weak in the knees when Plantie sings about Gollum and the Evil One creeping up and slipping away with he-her, he-her, yeah, while Pagey chimes in on mandolin. Can’t… resist…air guitar…and…white man’s…overbite.

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    My choices are pretty obvious, I would have thought.

    1. Eels haven’t really done much new since Daisies of the Galaxy, but I still love ’em.

    2. I just don’t think the Strokes ever got enough credit for First Impressions of Earth. It was a massive step forward, but it seemed to alienate the few of their fans who had stuck around for Is This It part three.

    3. Nick Cave is the obvious one. I’ve really tried to think of others and failed. Tom Waits is still good, but not improving. Almost everyone else I can think just gets steadily less interesting. Wilco are a good one, though. King Creosote – does he count?

    4. When I first heard Neutral Milk Hotel all I could think was ‘Oh, so that’s where the Decemberists got it from!’ but honestly, I don’t care all that much.

    5. Babyshambles are definitely a band I retain a surprising affection for, despite both the antics of Doherty, the failure to improve on the Libs’ stellar debut and the generally rabid nature of their fanboy apologetics. Still kinda like ’em though. Also, how about Maximo Park – basically indie-pop-by-numbers NME fodder, which I spend most of my life whining about. Somehow they still manage to consistently write really good pop songs though.

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    1. I’m actually struggling with this. Maybe someone like Fu Manchu? Never any development or originality – just great fucking songs.

    2. Talking Heads.

    3. Can I say Withered Hand? I think he should get mentioned at least once a thread.

    4. The Make-Up – very obviously emulated the sound and imagery of a specific era, but did it with such energy and passion that it’s hard not to love.

    5. Maybe Joy Division – only because I’ve said for years that I hate all bands from Manchester. Especially Joy Division. But now I’m slowly coming round to them.

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    withered hand is a good one….cos he was so shite…..but now is so good

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    withered hand was never shite, tom.

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    1. Sigur Ros, if only because nobody else does their thing better.

    2. Bjork, maybe? I don’t know how much she could really lose at this point, but still…

    3. The Knife. And I guess Fever Ray too, since by the sound of what I’ve heard of the solo stuff so far, the “haitus” is just in name only.

    4. Constantines.

    5. Louis XIV. I’ve told myself I don’t know how many times that it’s stupid cock-rock for sticky mouthbreathers, but every time I hear True Love Is Blind I still want to strut like a rutting peacock…

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    Bart….maybe i could say he was an acquired taste early on….but now he is more easy listening!!!


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    Absolutely with you on Sigur Ros, except not all that fond of them!

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    To be fair, The Ros appeal has been waning lately, but it’s their own damn fault. When I thought all they knew how to do was their same old shit, that was fine, but then they went and made Gobbledigook. How long were they holding back songs like that? It’s like discovering chips after a lifetime of mashed potatoes.

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    I’m particularly enjoying the recurring food metaphors on song by toad this week.

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    1. Two Gallants
    2. Deerhoof
    3. Wilco
    4. Felice Brothers
    5. The Bronx

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    1. The National – some really great songs, but I struggle to tell the difference between any of their albums.

    2. Eels – I love the way they (he) consciously make an effort to alienate their audience: they’ll be booked on tour in tiny acoustic venues and really rock the fuck out, so that come the next tour they’ll be booked in rock clubs, but then turn up with a string quartet and a washboard and be all chilled out.

    3. I honestly can’t think of a band who haven’t messed up at some point down the line.

    4. Interpol, actually. Though C&B’s right; they found a “sound” and then copied and pasted their way through three albums… Pity that sound was half-inched straight from x who stole it from y who borrowed it from whoever-the-fuck-else who were just copying Joy Division

    5. Hmmmm, too many to mention. Coldplay, maybe. Or Brand New – I absolutely hate everything they stand for, but I could listen to Deja Entendu on repeat for ages…

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    Been trying to think of answers for the 5 but am struggling. Loved your comment though Ryan, about Sigur Ros and potato chips! I love ’em, can’t get enough. Of SR that is. Though chips are pretty jolly good too.

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    1. The Blue Aeroplanes.

    2. Bruce Springsteen seems to have spent much of his career looking for new directions to push himself in. He struck me as carrying the air of a deeply contented man during the Seeger Sessions stuff.

    3. How about Blur? Maybe this year’s activities will tell.

    4. Carter USM, ripped off anything they could get their hands on. It was almost like shoplifting, you know you shouldn’t approve, but deep down you think it’s kinda cool.

    5. Take That.

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    1. Explosions in the Sky.

    2. I’m going to say White Stripes

    3. I’m agree that Wilco is a good one but though some may not agree with this, I will go with The National. Withered Hand is also a good shout Bart. That new demo on is myspace page is simply genius.

    4. A Minor Reflection

    5. Bob Dylan. Because I love odd voices but it took me years and years to be able to listen to him sing.

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    4. For A Minor Reflection. oops.

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    Dylan – I respect Blur for always changing what they do. But I wouldn’t say the get better and better. they get better and better then worse and then better if you ask me.

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    I kinda had a thought along those lines, Euan, because I really quite liked Modern Life Is Rubbish.

    But I was struggling for answers by then and decided it would have to do.

    I had hoped that no-one would pick me up on it. Cheers.

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    Ooh! Ooh! Triple Post Mentalism from Euan!

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    – Ryan: nice of you to chip in. (Oh I crack myself up sometimes.)

    – Tom: the way Eels treat tours is amazing. That’s one of the things I love the most about them, the way they reinterpret everything for a tour. Instead of concept albums they seem to do concept tours, and even though some of the songwriting has become a little repetitive, I’d go and see them every time they hit town.

    – Agnes: as we all know, I am not a sexist, so there are no exceptions to the ‘No talking pish until you’ve done your five’ rule, not even for ladies. Ahem.

    – Dylan & Euan, I kind of agree with Dylan on the Blur argument, I think. The only real low for me was The Great Escape, but I still love Think Tank the most, I’d say. Although Euan does have… nah, they just keep changing, don’t they, for better and for worse. And I love them for it.

    – Euan, three-post mentalism is not a good sign. Take your pills.

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    Euan – Explosions in the Sky….the biggest pile of overrated pish i’ve ever bought off recommendation….yours by the way

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    That’s quite something, given how long you’ve been reading this site, Chutters!

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    1. Ryan Adams – I don’t love him principally because he knocks out the same old shit every time, but whenever he releases an album I give it a chance which indicates a definite benevolence towards him. He must be the worst perpetrator of churning out the same old shit on the planet.

    2. Blur – circa “Blur”, 98 or whatever it was. After the dust settled on Great Escape (which was I think a big seller) most people thought it was a bit shit but Blur came back with what I still consider to be their best album and it was a total step away from Brit-pop, and rightly so.

    3. Sufjan Stevens – he consistently ups the ante and gets better with each release. He’s just waiting a little too long now between releases.

    4. Nirvana probably, for stealing riffs and chord progressions wholesale from the Pixies.

    5. Maybe the Killers. I don’t really like the Killers and I hate bombastic stadium rock but that stupid “are we human, or are we dancer” song has somehow piqued my interest – there is something very humble and melancholic about the melody line just after that line. And then when you listen back to Mr Brightside and stuff, it’s pretty fun pop music. Also Brandon Flowers isn’t the dick I thought he was. So all in all I’m softening towards them, which vexes me.

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    TT i think you and i have just fallen out

  32. avatar

    Toad….most of the piles of pish i don’t buy

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    Wait a minute, Dylan – you love Take That? You couldn’t think of anything better to put at number 5?

  34. avatar

    I think Dylan should be made to re-do his list from scratch.

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    Chutters – why have we fallen out – there is no crossover I can see, this must exist in your brain area.

    Although i disagree with your point 3 (if we’re taking issue) – Wilco peaked at YHF, after that they lost their way and it’s been kind of downhill since then.

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    for your Ryan Adams comment…..he is a walking living god as far as i’m concerned!!!!

  37. avatar

    I have met people like you before.

    You should have put him at number 1 in your list. It is an immutable fact that every album sounds the same.

  38. avatar

    Heartbreaker sounds nothing like Cardinology….there has been a progression thought out his career that, in my opinion, can be split into 4….i could go on

  39. avatar

    I knew you’d go on like this – I have seen evidence of such zealotry in others.

    You are blinded by love and cannot therefore engage in objective debate.

  40. avatar

    TT- so your views are objective? and not swayed by personal opinion

  41. avatar

    Correct: completely and unimpeachably objective.

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    I think Dylan should be made to re-do his list from scratch.

    Other than The Blue Aeroplanes for the first one, I think you’re probably right, Bart.

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    i would agree ryan adams is what you could call a living legend. how can you ignore the differences in say rock n roll and love is hell which came out at the same time i think. both these albums – while obviously alt country or whatever you want to call it – come from different ends of the spectrum as far as i am concerned.

  47. avatar

    Can someone smack Tom on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper?

  48. avatar

    I’m being facetious, in part at least. Obviously there are entries in his catalogue that are different from one another but more often than not his output is too similar, for me anyway.

    I’m not a massive fan as it happens (it says nothing to me about my life, to quote Moz) but I do really like his first 4 solo albums.

  49. avatar

    I’m being facetious, in part at least.

    We won’t have any of that sort of thing around here, thank you very much!


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    To paraphrase Woody Allen, and to continue the food analogy – there’s over 200 types of chinese food. But for someone who doesn’t really like it, it all just tastes like chinese food.

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    YHF was a peak? I think Ghost Is Born betters it. Sky Blue Sky is a lovely album but lacks the diversity that people loved the previous 2 for. Still, Impossible Germany is an immense tune. Russell, now is a good time to shhhh.

    Ryan Adams would be a genius if he’d cut back on the number of albums he releases. I do love his music but would have to say that if he coupled his best tracks from a number of different albums together into one album he’d be even better. The Love Is Hell eps are genius. Rock N’Roll is a joke and was written as a joke. Lets not discuss its merits as a diverse piece of work given the piss take nature of it.

    As for Explosions in the Sky – Tom are you for real? Fuck me. You like Mogwai but don’t get Explosions?? I apologise if you didn’t like my recommendation but I’d like to understand why you don’t like them given that First Breath After Coma is as good a song as Mogwai could ever dream of writing…..and i LOVE Mogwai.

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    How was your sushi lunch yesterday Tom? Where did you get it?

    The only decent sushi I know in town is that little place by Haymarket.

  54. avatar

    Bartacus, I think you might be right.

    Euan, YHF is definitely Wilco’s peak, well, in my opinion anyway. Ghost is Born is ok, some good tunes but it’s a bit directionless or something – the Kicking Television live versions are better than the studio versions, and that says a lot. I love Handshake Drugs though.

    You can get good sushi at Tollcross, well it tastes nice, I don’t know if it’s empirically “good” sushi, cos I’ve never been to Japan.

  55. avatar

    thats where i went Sushiya….lovely if a little pricey

    Rock n Roll is the poorest album i;d agree put to say it is a joke is a bit harsh….it was written and recorded in a 3 week period….it was toured…and 2-3 songs from it are still performed live from time to time….so no joke…!!

    Explosions in the sky….would be my example of an derivative type of act that doesn’t offer up anything new….in my mind they are just Godspeed lite!!!

    i love Sky Blue Sky (left this to the end so we could agree on something)

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    yeah we all know the story of the love is hell/ rock n roll releases but to be able to just fart out an album just to piss off a label and still have an album that commercially anyway has some substance is a good fucking achievement.

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    Sushiya – that’s its name. Yeah – really good sushi.

    I think I can confidently say that it’s a vast improvement on the rubbish you get in a little plastic tub as part of a £2.99 Boots Meal Deal, other than that I’m with you all the way there TT, having never been to Japan either.

    I want some sushi now.

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    Russell – Ghost has direction, has focus and is brilliant. Wilco are better live than on record period and trust me, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart from YHF is the best song I’ve ever heard played live and sounds nothing like the album version. I think a band that grows and makes their songs better and different live than on record is a good band – especially given that 90% of their year is spent on the road.

    Tom – Rock N’Roll, by Adams on admission is a piss take after his record label said that Love Is Hell was not marketable. I don’t dislike the album, but I take it with a pinch of salt and would not like to compare it to his better works. Cold Roses disc 1 is simply brilliant.

    Explosions in the Sky sound nothing like Godspeed and are absolutely brilliant live.

    I also love Sky Blue Sky.

    See you tonight for a beer.

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    See you tonight for a beer.

    Been given an exit visa have you?..

  60. avatar

    Euan – Wilco at the QMU has to be one of the best live gigs ever.

    Explosions…..pish period

    Rock n Roll i think the title was a piss take rather than the music…a lot of the songs were already written and rehearsed with the LIH band

    tonight beer yes!!!

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    Well, it did take you all a little ways into this to get to the munting reference, thankfully!

    1. Dare I say the Cranberries? It’s true.
    2. Propagandhi – new album and added a guitarist who’s tweaked their sound, nice!
    3. Would it be fair to say The Decemberists based purely on DC’s raving on the new album? I’ve heard three tracks and they all were amazingly great.
    4. Black Crowes, fuck yeah! Also early Rolling Stones.
    5. U2, I can’t help it. It’s Adam Clayton’s fault, honestly. If I could replace Bono it would be the perfect band for me.

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    1. Status Quo – liked them when i was 7 with “aint complaining” then forgot about them til 2 years ago – i saw them at scone palace as a present for my dad, and it was brilliant.
    2.I would say Bjork, but as someone else said, she hasnt got much to lose. maybe Tricky.
    3. Warren zevon got better right up until he died. guess thats inevitable.
    4.Stone Roses 2nd album (led zep tribute)
    5. Faces (with Rod stewart)

  63. avatar

    Good call on Zevon, actually.

    And – yep – regrettably his untimely demise has led to something of a plateau in his creativity.

  64. avatar

    actually, in at number 3, seeing as zevons dead, i’ll say holger czukay from can.

  65. avatar

    Randan – Status Quo confessions? What balls!

  66. avatar

    i love a bit of Quo also

  67. avatar

    Apparently Francis Rossi cut his pony tail off this week.

  68. avatar


  69. avatar


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    they were brilliant, rossi kept touching his chest lightly for some reason, then as i got to the front, i realised he was blowing little kisses to all the oldsters with their wowsers out. then they did a guitar duel were the two guitarists strummed their own guitar, while fingering the other. that sounds saucy.

  71. avatar

    I’m sorry Matthew, but that Strokes tune is just awful. What is all synth doing? I think you owe an explanation. xx

  72. avatar

    What synth, Tart?

    Not a great tune though, you got that right.

  73. avatar

    The explanation is that you have failed to perceive the universe correctly, actually it is a brilliant tune, and if you take the cheddar cheese out of your fucking ears you will perhaps be able to understand this.

    (*I really am taking a chance talking to her like this, aren’t I. It’s like sport – bets on whether or not I get away with it for another week, or Tart snaps and tears me a new arsehole like when she first turned up. This week’s odds…)

    I love the cod-prog guitar solo in the middle.

  74. avatar

    YES! see??? that’s why this song FAILS so miserably you stupid, ego-centric, ass! It’s two songs woven together so badly that you get whiplash just listening to it.

    And the fact that even with headphones I thought the bridge (?) was a synthesizer, is enough for me to declare that goofy, “I wanna be cool like Tiffany”, guitar rambling around bit where he sings “all that I do is wait for you” is total shite! The grinding bits are gorgeous, I’ll even allow them the emo-vocals, sure. But to just twist around from a rock song into some pop/mall soundtrack is inexcusable, you old sot!

    The clattering is good, rhythm guitar is spot on, it’s the weird bouncy bits that are too goofy to be believed! I can’t understand how you cannot see it?

    no kisses, no hugs

  75. avatar

    Can I have a kiss and a hug?

  76. avatar

    Anything for you, darlin xoxo and do tell me about that drum kit, mmmmmm

  77. avatar

    can i have a kiss and a hug too?

  78. avatar

    Only if you tell me exactly where 😉

  79. avatar

    Guess it’s a bit late to add my comments, BUT:

    1. Ash. And indeed, the Charlatans. Badly Drawn Boy.
    2. Idlewild (yes, I am serious). And even if it’s obvious…Blur.
    3. I’m struggling on this…actually, Muse.
    4. On their first two albums, Interpol…wasn’t keen on the stuff from the third album I heard, though…
    5. Increasingly getting to like King Crimson, and that’s coming from someone who saw Prog rock as wrong.

  80. avatar

    Well, on reflection, perhaps I was a bit harsh on ya, Mathew dear. I retract the “stupid” remark, that was uncalled for and completely unkind and untrue. xo

  81. avatar

    Oh lordy! Have I killed the thread?

    scuttling off to her corner, self-flagellation ensues …

  82. avatar

    1. Tool (let’s play this one in D)
    2. Prince (guy could write a hits for a church choir)
    3. Beck
    4. Jett (I wanna punch them in the face right before I turn it up)
    5. The Flying Burrito Brothers (this can’t be country music right)

  83. avatar

    3. I’m struggling on this…actually, Muse.

    Ed = new best friend.

  84. avatar

    1. Nada Surf – ever since The Proximity Effect their albums have had the same indie pop-rock-YAY! attitude but I keep coming back for more.

    2. Sufjan Stevens – He could easily be dismissed as a hipster trend and forgotten about in an instant, but he keeps on challenging himself and upping the ante. I respect that.

    3. I will honestly have to say Sigur Ros. While a lot of people will probably disagree with me. It’s like Ryan said further up the thread regarding Gobbledigook, “It’s like discovering chips after a lifetime of mashed potatoes.”

    4. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Everytime I listen to this band I have fantisies of what At The Drive-in would sound like now if they didn’t split up.

    5. Norah Jones – YEAH! What about it?!?!

  85. avatar

    All the Sigur Ros talk has got me wanting to check it out. Suggestions on what to get my hands on???


  86. avatar

    that strokes song is awesome!!!!!!!

  87. avatar


    start with Ágætis Byrjun and ()

    then move on to Takk… and Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. If you’re falling in love, try Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do and Von.

    Happy listening.

  88. avatar

    Matthew – regarding the comment you made hours and hours ago when I was sleeping regarding the no talking rule – I’m desperately sorry. But I still can’t think of one for each category. It’s an illness, but I’m getting treatment.

    Andrew – all of it! I started with ‘Takk’ but ‘Ágætis byrjun’ is the album that really got them their break, and defies description. Last years ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’ is also stunning. They also do an amazing live show, highly recommended.

  89. avatar

    andrew you should also try and get a hold of the dvd Heima which follows sigur ros on tour throuout iceland in some really remote locations. once youve gone through the entire discography this will be a lovely cherry on your sigur ros cake.

  90. avatar

    Nicer! Thanks to all for the heads up. Now my weekend will not be just random sex and alcohol.

    Headed to the Belly Up tonight for the Mother Hips if there is anyone else out there in So. California, see you there.

  91. avatar

    1) The Smiths, each song is as morbidly morbid as the last but it makes you smile everytme you hear it
    2) Bob dylan, he got heckled on at least one occasion when he changed style
    3) The Rolling Stones, not because I like their later stuff but my parents were young so I didnt gain a liking for them until later in life when my boy played me the original LP he stole from his dad
    4) “but there would be no nirvana if it wasnt for the pixies”
    5) Girls aloud. I can only name one of their songs(ht ecover of jump) but i like them as they are a less disgusting verion of the pussycat dolls, some of you boys might disagree.


  92. avatar

    I have never liked Sigur Ros. There, I’ve said it, throw me out of the indie club.

    Pussycat Dolls make me just a little bit sick. My little brother lives in the States and keeps saying ‘Don’t tell me you’ve achieved gender equality in this country as long as you have cheerleaders.’ I rather feel that way about the Pussycat Dolls.

    Kata Rokkar – It’s really hard to imagine anyone listening to Norah Jones being capable of being aggressively defensive. Where would you summon the energy from?

  93. avatar

    ” 3. I’m struggling on this…actually, Muse.

    Ed = new best friend.”

    Aw, cheers!

  94. avatar

    You indie club card is revoked. Leave your cassette tapes, vinyl, and thick rimmed glasses at the door.

    As for my aggressive defense…I compensate that by listening to lots of under-produced, unpredictable, beer soaked grindcore.

  95. avatar

    You like grindcore and Norah Jones???

  96. avatar

    “You like grindcore and Norah Jones???”

    A man after my own heart! xoxo

  97. avatar

    Damn you and your goddam indie credentials!

    *Shakes fist in thwartage*

  98. avatar

    To be honest, Matthew, I always seem to shoot myself in the foot with these too… *sigh*

    Increasingly, my mantra is ‘It’s not about pop vs. indie’ it’s about good vs. bad.

  99. avatar

    As much as I enjoy indie and alt music, I can think of at least two more mainstream artists who fit into category two.
    The first was mentioned earlier: Tom Waits, who has gone through a number of different styles (though he has sort of plateaued the past ten years or so).
    The other one is Neil Young, who has always been like a kid at a playground. He’ll play with one thing (genre), but just as soon as he is done, another one interests him and off he goes.
    It seems he follows the music in his head, and not the voices in his ear (see “Prisoners of Rock ‘n Roll”). Not only has he had a lot to lose, but he has lost fans along the way, but he forges ahead undeterred.

  100. avatar

    It’s people like that who I think I admire the most because, irrespective of any pressure a label or manager might or might not apply to a band, most groups must end up with a sort of unspoken inner fear of losing all their fans, once they get famous enough to have a significant number of them. To continue to change under these circumstances probably takes more balls than we think.

  101. avatar

    i think that we all talk too much shite…..this post is proof of it…..

    How many council workers does it take to change a light bulb?


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