The Love Language – The Love Language

Love Language

I suppose I’d descibe this as a very, very old school sunshine pop album which has been recorded through a blanket of fuzz.  In fact, this sound has been achieved by capturing the music on a four-track before it was handed over to anything at all computerised, retaining that trademark growly sound, particularly on the vocals, which I am so fond of at the moment.

If I had a criticism of the album at all it would be that it is slightly downbeat for just a little too much of the time.  The problem with writing a stand-out hit like Lalita is that, when it is in pretty stark contrast to the rest of the album in terms of energy and atmosphere, you can end up wrong-footing your audience somewhat.  I spent the first listen waiting for the band to go mental again, and they don’t.

Once you realise that the album is more brooding than you’d thought, perhaps a little more gentle, then you can start to appreciate it for what it actually is: a splendidly crackly perversion of something that was supposed to be innocent and sincere.  They’ve taken something nice, and broken it slightly.

I can’t really deal with genuinely carefree pop most of the time, and the fact that The Love Language have knocked the corners off it slightly puts this right into my kind of territory.  Really good.

The Love Language – Lalita

The Love Language – Manteo

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