Five Nice Polite Jewish Boys


Rampant Chutney Consumerism and Tart, two of the most entertaining and appreciated commenters on this site, have both just discovered Clem Snide.  This is fucking amazingly good news, as far as I am concerned because both Clem Snide themselves and Eef Barzelay, their front man, have produced some of my favourite music of all time.  Consequently, I have dedicated this Friday’s Five to helping people find even more Clem Snide which they might love.

Clem Snide, after roughly a five year hiatus, are back together again and released Hungry Bird earlier this year.  So what better way to celebrate a Biblical holiday than by celebrating the work of a nice Jewish boy who has recently, in a manner of speaking, been reborn.  I mean, it’s more appropriate than the way Christians insist on celebrating it.  In the words of Bill Hicks: “I’ve read the Bible.  I can’t find the words bunny or chocolate anywhere in that fucking book.”  Still, given that we are slowly divesting ourselves of the boring Christian festivals (When actually is Lent, anyone?  Actually, don’t answer that, I really don’t care.) and trying very hard to pretend that the fun Pagan ones were actually Christian all along (Christmas – Yay! for pressies and massive over-indulgence) I figure that the eggs and bunnies and all that shit might as well be suffered to hang around a little bit longer.

Besides, I have a menstruating woman’s taste for chocolate.

Erm, quite how that leads us onto a five for this Friday is beyond me.  On the subject of things that come in fives, incidentally, this weekend we are putting together the new five song Meursault acoustic EP.  It is morose as hell, fucking unbelievably good, and will be available at live shows and from the Toad Records site, starting at Homegame next weekend.

Please de-lurk and say hello.  Rhian, Corrie and Becky have been very welcome additions to the fountain of inane blather in which we indulge on a daily weekly basis around these parts, so if you’ve never commented before, why not make today the day to start.  After all, it’s Easter, so this week’s five are likely to be a little quieter than usual.  Is that a good thing?  I’m not sure. Oh, and no talking nonsense until you’ve filled in your five either, that’s just cheating.

1. Eggs – pickled, chocolate, scrambled, hard-boiled, devilled…?  Name your poison.
2. What’s cuter, bunnies or kittens?  Should we start a campaign for the Easter Kitten?  The Easter Mongoose?
3. How many Easter eggs does it take to make you feel just that little bit sick.
4. You know, they’re making salmon fish fingers these days.  Salmon really is too cheap.  I remember when it used to be a treat, now it’s everywhere.  What’s your example?
5. Favourite moment in Life of Brian.

Clem Snide – Nick Drake Tape (From You Were a Diamond)

Clem Snide – The Dairy Queen (From Your Favourite Music)

Clem Snide – Let’s Explode (From Ghot of Fashion)

Clem Snide – All Green (From Soft Spot)

Clem Snide – Tiny European Cars (From The End of Love)

And, just for shits and giggles and because ‘five’ is more of a guideline than a rule, here’s some of Eef Barzelay’s solo stuff, for your enjoyment.

Eef Barzelay – Ballad of Bitter Honey (From Bitter Honey)

Eef Barzelay – Make Another Tree (From Lose Big)

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