White Antelope

Robin Pecknold

Robin Pecknold is more widely known for his Fleet Foxes stuff, but he appears to have a solo project as well, covering folk songs.  To call it a solo project may be exaggerating things slightly, because there’s little evidence of this being much more than a name given to a MySpace page so he can post a couple of solo versions of stuff he just fancied recording.  Maybe not, of course, there could be more to it than that.

I’m no great Fleet Foxes fan, I have to confess.  I think they have a few utterly gorgeous tracks and a lot of pretty unremarkable ones, as far as I personally am concerned, but this stuff I really do like.  Pecknold certainly has an utterly beguiling voice, and when singing these classic old songs he imbues them with a loveliness all his own.

False Knight on the Road was originally a Fleet Foxes b-side, I believe, and I’ve included that here, along with Silver Dagger, and a couple of other versions of that song.  I’d be mildly but pleasantly surprised if there were any plans to take this any further, but it’s the kind of project which doesn’t need to be any more than this kind of small, low key exercise.  Lovely, lovely stuff.   There are a couple more to be enjoyed on their MySpace page, if these tickle your fancy.

White Antelope – False Knight on the Road

White Antelope – Silver Dagger

The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Silver Dagger

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – Silver Dagger (Live 1964)

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