Meursault’s Tour of Northern England

Meursault recently went on a world tour of Northern England – well, actually, they played three dates over the course of a long weekend, but it was their first proper tour, so it counts.  I gave them the small camera we use for the Toad Sessions and asked them to make something of a tour diary, not really expecting all that much.  Realistically, I should have realised just how boring most of your time is when touring as a band, and perhaps expected the enormous amount of footage they ended up bringing back with them.  We’ve got all sorts, from crazy rants to bizarre days out in Blackpool and impromptu sessions performed in the back of the Toad Van.

So we made one main video of the tour itself, which is the first one, and then we’ve sprinkled in the individual song videos from the various sessions after that.  You can either watch everything through that little widget above, or alternatively I’ve embedded them all below the fold.  Enjoy.

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