The Seventeenth Century

Seventeenth Century

I discovered The Seventeenth Century courtesy of Halina and her team of devilish minions over at Glasgow PodcART a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve tried emailing the band to see about buying a copy of their EP, but no response,  so I ended up having to just rip it off MySpace.  Still, I’m sure I’ll get the chance to make up for it in the future as I am pretty confident we will be hearing more from these lads over the next year or so.

People seem to be talking their folky-sounding acoustic indie with a liberal portion of electronica these days, so this sort of beautifully-conceived, gently swaying and rather sad music is appearing less and less on the iPods of your average skinny-jeaned hipster about town.  This is a shame, because when it is done as well as this, however familiar we might be with the general approach to making music, stuff like this still makes for a genuinely lovely, affecting experience.

The lead vocals are reedy, but the choral backing on songs like Traffic give a fullness to the sound.  The instrumentation is nicely managed, which creates a sound which is never too crowded.  Also, the rhythm has a lovely, slow rise and fall to it which gives the songs their air of slightly indulgent sadness, somewhat like witnessing a grey, rainy morning in the hills, but all whilst sat comfortably inside with a nice cup of tea.

So sonically we may have heard this before, to a degree, but this is still extremely well done and really gorgeous listening.  I await developments with considerable interest.

The Seventeenth Century – Mid October

It’s only four songs long, so you can only have one download I’m afraid – I don’t want to take the piss – but here’s a splendid video of Traffic to make up for it.  This is a really gorgeous song.

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