I Am Not Going to Make Much of a DJ

Hang the DJ

Well, I’ve had a couple of goes at it now and I think the general conclusion to be drawn is that, bar one or two very specialist nights, I am not going to make a particularly good DJ.  I’ve had a fine old time both times I’ve done it, and thanks loads to Tallah and Solen for inviting me, but in the long run this is going to be a sporadic relationship at best, I think.

The reason?  Well, although at Electric Circus I did get plenty of people dancing, it was at the expense of playing a lot of my favourite music.  No Tom Waits, no Nick Cave, no Honeytrap – know what I mean?  Basically, the stuff I like the best is simply too sad or too slow to dance to, and the idea of standing in a club whilst I shuffle through the Morose Hits of a Life Spent Mostly in One’s Room Sulking doesn’t strike me as one which will appeal to most people.

Equally, there are reasonable portions of my record collection which are acutally quite danceable, but it tends to be the cheesy hits, not least because I don’t have a lot of modern music on vinyl and taking the laptop along seems like cheating – I might as well email in a playlist and ask them to click on ‘crossfade’.

I could make the blog quite popular as well, if I wanted.  I have plenty of MGMT and Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver and all the sort of stuff which would make for a much more hit-friendly indie music blog, just as I have plenty of Bowie and Pet Shop Boys and Springsteen for people to dance to in discos, and it’s all music I really like.

It’s just, it’s not music which actually interests me as much.  So whilst I could happily filter my pile of vinyl for dancefloor-friendly pop tunes I don’t think I am going to do much more DJing unless its at places who don’t mind me fairly frequently playing music to which you absolutely, definitely cannot dance at all.

Look, it’s not the really obvious one by the Smiths!
Willie Nelson – Mr. Record Man (Live)