For those of you who aren’t blind it should be rather obvious that we’ve had something of a facelift around here.  Massive thanks are due to Andy from Nonimage for his work on the site, not least for his patience in dealing with my pernickety* nature.  As a designer, I can promise you that having another designer for a client is an unspeakable nightmare, and he really has been very patient.

There may be a few kinks to work out over the next day or so, but if you have any obvious functional issues then drop me an email and we’ll get on them.  Or you could just leave a comment on this post I guess, that might do the trick too.

Thanks Andy.  Sorry for being such a colossal pain in the arse.

Clem Snide – Beautiful

* Sorry, Americans, there’s no ‘s’ – don’t know where you get that nonsense from.

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