Conquering Animal Sound

cas [After his highly successful stint Toadsitting while we were away on holiday, Euan returns to write what is going to become a monthly column in our new Sunday Supplement section.  You can find more of his stuff on his blog, at his gigs or with his band, so please go and have a sniff.]

Sometimes you find a band that gets you really excited. You know as soon as you hear their very first tune that this is a band you’re going to fall head over heels in love with. Conquering Animal Sound are for me, one of these bands. I’d heard their stuff on myspace when I booked them for Trampoline. I knew Jamie from his time with Boyfriend/Girlfriend, his bass playing in the Occasional Flickers and his wonderful solo project The Japanese War Effort, so I was surprised to find him set up Conquering Animal Sound so quickly after setting up his solo project.

However, such is the output and creativity of the man. When I set up mini50 records and asked 20 artists to provide me with a song, he’d recorded one and sent it to me within about 3 days of asking . And it’s mint. Absolutely superb. It will be a great way to start the “Best of Trampoline” sampler when it eventually sees the light of day.

Anyways, I recently got back my Trampoline Edinburgh festival shows from Alex Fenton (Fentek Audio) and on it are 3 tracks from Conquering Animal Sound’s set. I missed this show but boy am I glad Alex recorded it and sent me these tracks. They are awesome. Really amazing. For financial reasons, I am not able to put any of them up on this site but I’m sure Matthew will add a couple of their tunes, from MySpace or elsewhere, for your pleasure. Simply put, CAS are brilliant. They are interesting and they captured my imagination from the word go. Jamie and Anneke have something special going on. In amongst the bleeps and clicks and atmosphere are the looped and beautiful vocals of Anneke. The loop is a tried and tested format. It can be tiresome. It can get a little dull. It never does with CAS. I am excited about sharing this band with you. You can find them here. Enjoy.

Conquering Animal Sound – Champion Sound