Friday is Going for Cirrhosis by Noon

Woo hoo, it’s house gig day!  I am really looking forward to this.  The lineup is ace, it should be nice and busy and we can even open the windows in the lounge nowadays to air the place out, because it can get awfy toasty in our living room when it’s full of people.

Other than that, there will be recording happening in Toad Hall this weekend; lots of it. Tomorrow King Creosote and Animal Magic Tricks will be recording… er, something or other together, which sounds really promising.  And then on Sunday Neil and Pete will be recording the Meursault side of an Animal Magic Tricks and Meursault Split 10″ to be released later this year.  Actually, I don’t know if it’ll be under the name Meursault or just as Neil, because it’s only really him and Pete, the band’s new cellist, who will be involved.  I’ll have to ask about that.

Anyhew, I’m absolutely gasping for a pint.  I’ve been incredibly good at entirely cutting out midweek drinking for the last month or so, and for some reason this week I’ve come up against three or four occasions when I’ve really fancied a pint of an evening, but my resolve has held true and it won’t be until tonight that I can finally punish my liver with the wrath of a thousand scorned stalkers.

No Honeytrap Toad Session once again.  There’ll have to one more inbetweeny podcast, and then next week it will finally go up.  Then I’m down to one last one in the band – Shenandoah Davis – and the slate will finally be wiped clean.  The Honeytrap one is going to be brilliant, I think.  An editor’s nightmare, but bloody hilarious if I get it right.  There was drinking, there was comedy dancing, there were 80s singalongs.  It was an alcoholic trainwreck, basically.

So here we go with the Friday Fives, as shamelessly pinched from the Guardian Talkboards. This is the delurking amnesty, because things can seem a little cliquey in the comments here, because a lot of us know one another in real life (wait, what, like socialising but not on the internet – what madness is this?) so on Fridays all lurkers are encouraged to come out of the shadows and chip in with their five, whereafter the talking of utter pish may commence.

1. To which song do you feel compelled to do your most exaggerated and embarrassing comedy dancing?
2. Favourite movie singalong moment.
3. Worst movie singalong moment.
4. Best point-and-laugh comedy dancing moment.
5. Which song(s) do you know all or most of the lyrics to (and for the band people on this thread, no, ones you perform regularly do not count).

Here are some random things from my inbox which I am very much enjoying at the moment:

The Limes – Dead Furniture (Buy)

Khaya – Duet (Single Version) (Buy)

Br’er – Painted Lady

Charles Bukowski – The Death of an Idiot (Buy)

R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)

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