New Loch Lomond Releases

lochlomond Our Portland pals Loch Lomond have a couple of new releases coming up, so I thought it was time we featured them again on Song, by Toad because it’s been a while.

The first is the split 12″ which is out on Song, by Toad Records this coming Monday, and the second is their brand new EP – their first new material for a couple of years.

The split 12″ was recorded in conjunction with the Builders & the Butchers – another considerable Toad favourite – and is being given a UK release by us in partnership with Bladen County Records in Portland.  The artwork is from a hand-drawn biro sketch by my good self, and printed onto nice tactile paper so it should be nice and touchy-feely to handle, which is how all physical releases should be.

The new EP is out in early November, and will be properly reviewed at the time, but they are clearly going for a more swoonsome, poppier sound after the slight undercurrent of unease which brought an intangible darkness to their earlier recordings.  The EP has four new songs, and a re-recording of Spine, from their gorgeous Lament For Children EP, which is a good few years old now.  Their PR chappies have sent out Wax & Wire as a taster for now, and I’ve included the old version of Spine, just for fun.  The sound is definitely moving on, but I really like the sound of the new stuff, so that can only be a good thing.

Loch Lomond – Wax & Wire
Loch Lomond – Spine (The old version)

Loch Lomond MySpace

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