No Music Day

notice02 It was No Music Day on… Saturday I think.  I tend not to pay any attention to these things as I find them a little gimmicky and not really something I really can be arsed thinking about.  Their wee poster is there on the right – just click the image to enlarge, assuming you speak a little German of course.

Their tagline is also a little gimmicky (“There are many reasons – find yours”) but for some reason this year it kind of struck a chord with me.  I put a lot into this little Toadly enterprise as you all know, and my last holiday was in June.  Basically, I’m fucking shattered.  I’m also over-musicked.

Fortunately no-one really releases much around this time of year, so the demanding emails from PR people are abating somewhat, and I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel for the label and the blog’s yearly tasks.  One Toad Session to edit, and one to record.  A little more PR work for the Meursault singles, and the last colour printed on Maxwell Panther albums.  Distribution to a couple of Scottish independent music shops to organise.  And then, I think, that should be just about it, thank God.

I think when I go home over Christmas I am going to play as little of my own music as possible.  I’ll probably even encourage Mum to play her dinner party jazz pish or whatever classical Christmas garbage it is that she’s latched onto this year.  I genuinely don’t care, but what is not going to happen is me listening to anything or reviewing stuff or whatever the hell else I might ordinarily be doing.  Never mind No Music Day, I am going to have No Music Week.

I remember a girlfriend ages ago asking me if I had ever thought about becoming a music writer and I laughed at her and said ‘Why would I want to turn a hobby into a job?  It would take all the fun out of it.’  It turns out that this is somewhat wrong, because it really hasn’t taken the fun out of it, but it has obliterated every last sliver of my leisure time.  I am the kind of person who needs something to be obsessed with though, something to really launch myself into, and as soon as it became clear here at proper job that there was really no need for me to become any more senior than I already was four years ago, all that manic energy had to go somewhere, and it went into Toad.

Set about anything with that kind of drive though and you will from time to time just burn up all the fuel you have in your reserves.  I was getting that way before our two weeks in Italy in the Summer, and I can feel myself getting somewhere like that now.  I was frazzled as hell in the Summer, but now it’s more just a sensation of being worn out and needing to recharge.

I think one of the reasons I get on really well with Jamie from Broken Records is because he has that same kind of manic glint in his eye – we both recognise that capacity to work at something relentlessly until it works, either by itself or by sheer force of determination.  And one of the reasons I get on really well with Bart from eagleowl is that he doesn’t do that.  He’s stubborn as fuck in his own way of course, but more like a coal fire than a phosphorous flare, and there are times, like this particular morning, when that seems something to be really rather envious of.

eagleowl – Blackout
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