2010 in the world of me.

future [Welcome back to Euan’s monthly column on Song, by Toad.  This is all running a bit late due to a somewhat apocalyptic levels of drinking at our Christmas Party last night, so apologies.]

Whilst I have your attention, I might as well do some self promoting. So I’ll take this opportunity to tell you all about what’s happening in the world of me in 2010.

Firstly, and as most of you may already know, The Kays Lavelle’s debut album, entitled ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’, is due for released on Wiseblood Industries in the first quarter of next year. It’s an album that, for the most part, has been recorded by Neil Pennycook of Meursault. I am very excited about it but, if I’m honest, relieved that the process is nearing an end. Due to the pressure of being in Meursault Neil’s time has become far too scarce and precious to finish the record and we have been working with Alex Fenton (Fentek Audio) to get everything completed. I am pleased to say we’re almost there. It’s been a long and lonely process at times but I cannot thank Neil enough for his advice, enthusiasm and commitment to the project from the beginning and Alex for making sure we see it through to a conclusion soon. Both of them are stars. There is no official release date as yet, but it will likely be April, if things go according to plan.

On top of the Kays record, I have a number of tunes lying about, which I plan to release under my own name as a solo EP. This EP is tentatively titled ‘Memorials’……cheery, I know……and recording should take place soon enough. Again, no idea when this will be coming out, but it will be 2010 sometime, that’s for sure. Recording this with Fraser from Small Town Boredom.

Then there is the project I am working on with Heidi Kuisma of We Sink Ships, which is very exciting. Heidi took 4 sets of pictures, 6 pictures in each set, which I am now in the process of putting music too. I am going to be working with Jamie from the Japanese War Effort on these pieces and maybe Bart Owl too if time permits. All the pieces are going to be “produced” by Paul Elam, better known as Fieldhead and then we’re going to put all the music together, package it up with the 24 pictures and release it. Not sure whether it will be on Wiseblood or mini50 as yet, still to be discussed. But the project is an exciting new way to work for me and one I’m really enjoying. The chance to work with Jamie and Paul is also very exciting given how much I respect them as artists.

Moving on to mini50. We are going to be releasing a number of records in 2010. First up is likely to be the debut album from Russell Kostulin, better known as the artist formerly known as Team Turnip. Now known as Mammoeth’s his debut album will probably be coming out around about the same time as the Kays record, though dates still need to be finalised.

Also the “Best of Trampoline, Volume 1” will be coming out on mini50 in 2010. Featuring artists such as The Japanese War Effort, eagleowl, Little Pebble, Rob St John, White Heath, Woodenbox and many more, this cd will feature 20 artists in total. Each track will either be a unique track written specially for the project or a live track that is unlikely to be used for any other purpose. It’s going to be cool. And hopefully, in terms of best of releases, a little different because the artists took the time to do something different on purpose. Also coming out on mini50 will be the live cd we recorded of performances during the festival in 2009. This will feature tracks from The Kays Lavelle, Adam Stafford, Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers, Lovers Turn To Monsters, Shenandoah Davis, Jonnie Common, Conquering Animal Sound and The Japanese War Effort. It should be ready to run soon. Keep an eye out at http://mini50records.wordpress.com for more info.

We’re also in the process of talking to a couple of Edinburgh artists about releasing their work in 2010, one of which is my absolute favourite band of the moment Conquering Animal Sound. Discussions have started about mini50 and CAS releasing something in 2010. So again, keep your eye out for that on the blog, as well as news on other artists and projects as well. Small tentative steps, but I’m very excited about the artists we could be working with in the near future.

And finally, there’s Trampoline. Well you all know about the December 12th show, or you should do. I have no doubt that Matthew will promote it like crazy next week despite it clashing with his own Toad xmas party. January will see How To Swim, Over the Wall and Thomas Western grace the Trampoline stage and I am confident that the mix that having Michael, Dav and Matty on board will bring is going to make 2010 the best year for Trampoline yet.

Thanks to everyone for all their support in all my projects. It means a lot. You all know who you are.

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