Friday Wants Some Free Vinyl, Thank You

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fives, when we all choose the winners of the Communion Compilation Competition.  Those of you interested in this sort of thing will know that this competition is to win a copy of this lovely album, featuring all sorts of alt-folk (or whatever) royalty who have performed at the eponymous London club night run by a Mumford and a Cherbourg.

So, simple, please just list your favourite hipster photo from the following five examples, which I have chosen as being the best of all the submissions I received.  The top three will win a copy of the album on vinyl, and therefore be extremely pleased with themselves.

1. Erm, where do you think you are conquering, exactly?

2. Erm, shorts, manbag, some sort of peculiar shoe-related contraptions, yep, that’s just a tad too hip for me.

3. Erm, how many beads and how plunging a neckline are required to make you a total penis?  Ah yes, that many.

4. This man doesn’t think he’s cool, he is cool!

5. Hey!  Stand up and play yer fucking tunes you fuckers!

So, please de-lurk, have a chuckle at our chosen hipsters and then cast your votes.  There will be more silly questions than that of course, but the ‘which plonker makes you laugh the most’ question is currently by far the most pressing!

1. List the above pictures in order of preferred hipsters.
2. Name your most productive hipster-finding location.
3. At which age was your hipster peak (no matter how low)?
4. Give the fucking bastard cunting Beeb are closing 6Music, what the fuck radio stations are there left to listen to?
5. Please lay out your Friday drinking strategy.

And now here are some Edinburgh bands who you might not think of as Edinburgh bands, most of whom (except Aberfeldy of course) you might not think of as being Edinburgh bands.

Aberfeldy – Tom Weir

Idlewild – When the Ship Comes In

Helicopter Girl – Cry Mississippi

Finley Quaye – Ultra Stimulation

Lucky Jim – Our Troubles End Tonight

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