OK GO Really are Clever Fuckers

Some people release videos to promote their music, but Ok Go seem to release music to help them promote their film-making talent.  This is their second video for This Too Shall Pass and it speaks for itself really: mental genius.

Apparently this took them four months to build, and honestly, I don’t even care if they cheated a bit (how did they do that going through the hole bit about 3/4 of the way through?) or if it really is as clever as it looks, it’s so visually engaging I am going to love it anway.

Terms like ‘viral marketing’ really were invented for people like this, and of course it sums up the fundamental misconception a lot of people have about viral marketing.  I get emails from fuckwits all the time saying ‘have you seen the latest ‘viral’ by suchandsuchatalentlessfuckwit?’  And of course, that’s just not how it works.  You can’t designate something viral status, and lo and behold – poof! – it is then a viral video.  Viral is a description of how something spreads, and if it’s shit and doesn’t go anywhere then it isn’t viral, no matter how cool your haircut is or how hard you try.

It’s like respect – the description of something as viral is not something you can demand, it’s something which must be earned.